Apologies from the International Society of Naturopathic Physicians.


Our site is temporarily down due to repeated malicious hacking.  Apparently, agencies that are hostile to the ISNP have commissioned Internet criminals to infiltrate our web site and attempt to send malicious programs to our members by e-mail.  This made it necessary to remove our member section of the web site some time ago.


The hacking has increased substantially in recent months, probably due to actions by the ISNP to attempt to establish equal licensing for all types of naturopaths in the USA.  There are factions in America that oppose this philosophy.  The latest attacks (a “phishing” operation) have attempted to make it appear that the ISNP was indulging in bank fraud.


Until improved security against such attacks can be implemented, we must reluctantly take our web site down.


Communication with the ISNP can still be maintained through the secretary’s e-mail address:  sec@isnp.net.


We apologize for the disruption of services and communication.  Watch this address for the return of our web site.